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"Mika" was advertised on this site and went to a new home. Perhaps you might find a four-legged friend here too. (photo: N. van der Sterren)

The original aim of this web site is to be helpful in finding good new homes for Dutch shepherd dogs and Dutch shepherd mixes.
The inspiration came from seeing various breed rescue sites on the Net, combined with the fact that I at that time owned my first rescue Dutchie, a wonderful roughhaired male named Ercoles. You can see his picture on the main page of this site, he's on the left in the group picture.
I do not actively do rescue work such as getting dogs out of shelters or taking dogs in my house as temporary guests. Instead, I've started this website, on which people can advertise their dogs.

Whenever I'm in the right mood, I add pages with information about the breed to the site. More about that later; let's now first assume you came in here to buy a Dutch shepherd dog. Where, then, do you go from here?   

To view the available dogs, you must go to the main page of the site (click here). Then go to the heading "Op zoek naar een nieuwe baas" (= "In search of a new owner"). There are listed four categories: 'Korthaar' (short haired), 'Langhaar' (long haired), 'Ruwhaar' (rough haired) and 'Stamboomloos en kruisingen' (Non-registered & Mixes).
Below each description in Dutch, you may find a short description in English (blue text). If you are interested in a certain dog, you can contact the person mentioned at the end of the Dutch advertisement. To make a phone call from outside Holland, dial 0031 and then the advertiser's number without the initial 0.

As this is a Holland-based web site, almost all the dogs on offer are living in The Netherlands. I am aware that there is little chance of them being adopted by someone living abroad, but... one never knows, does one? 

If you're living in the USA, don't forget to check out the American Dutch shepherd rescue website.

If you're looking for a puppy: occasionally there's a litter advertised on this site, and there are links to the two Dutch breed clubs' puppy pages. See main page.

... but what is a Dutch shepherd?

It is one of Holland's national breeds, created by farmers and shepherds to tend the sheep and do all kinds of odd jobs. The breed's name in its own country is "Hollandse herdershond" or "Hollandse herder". (When searching the Internet for information about the breed, you might want to use its proper name, too; thus, you can find a larger number of informative sites than if you'd only look for "dutch shepherd".) There are three coat types: short hair, long hair and rough (wire) hair. The breed club is one of the oldest in The Netherlands, being founded in 1898.

The right dog for me?   here you can read something about the breed's temperament

The breed's original job , sheep-herding 


Is the Dutch shepherd a recognized breed?
A note especially for American visitors of this web site.
The Dutch shepherd is (in Europe, at least) a recognized pure breed just the same as the German shepherd, the Whippet, the Golden Retriever etc. etc.
As with any breed, there are also dogs not registered in the Kennel Club's Stud Book, as well as mixes of Dutch shepherds with other dogs.
A lot of the (shepherd) dogs bred by Police Dog enthusiasts are of such unregistered stock, or let us say "unofficially registered", because there is usually some record of their parentage kept by the breeder. It is mostly dogs of those lines that are imported into America.
A dog coming from Holland with a paper with ancestors' names on it, may therefore not necessarily be what one would call a "purebred". The list of names might as well come from the breeder's private archives.
If the dog, or some of its ancestors, are listed as "xHH" on its papers, it is a "crossbred Hollandse herder".  "MH" or "xMH" stands for (crossbred) Mechelse herder = Malinois.

https://www.houdenvanhonden.nl/kopen-verzorgen-en-opvoeden-van-je-hond/waarom-een-stamboomhond/wat-is-een-stamboomhond/  On this page you can find examples of pedigrees issued by the Dutch Kennel Club. (up till, and after 2020).  So, if your import from Holland comes with a document like this, it is what we consider here a "registered purebred".

Of course I am not suggesting that everybody 'should' buy a Kennel Club registered dog. If you are looking for a dog especially for protection / police work, one from the mixed 'police dog' lines might be a good choice.
It is just that the variety of papers and pedigrees coming with the imported dogs might cause some confusion, and my only aim here is to clear things up a bit.

Other pages in English / with English text on this website:

Register of Dutch shepherds in The Netherlands

Dutch Shepherd Photo Archive  some information about the breed's 'treasure room' in Holland. Visitors welcome.

Book "A Dutch shepherd dog... what does it look like?"  Would you like to know more about the breed's desired type, structure and colours? There's a whole book on the subject of the Dutch shepherd's exterior. Published in 2022, text in English, lots of photos.  (Note: this is a different book from the earlier red booklet with the same title.)


Agenda if you're spending your holiday in The Netherlands, you might as well combine it with "something doggy".  Not all on this page is translated; the word "hondententoonstelling" means "dog show" and "wandeling" means "walk". 

If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail me (Pauline van Vliet) at pq@lombok.nl.



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